The Hamas Women’s Movement Has Spoken

Did you know Hamas has a women’s movement?

I didn’t either, but their male overlords have encouraged them to speak out…or perhaps forced them to:

The Hamas Women’s Movement condemns the deliberate and systematic oppression against the Palestinian female detainees in the Zionist occupation prisons.

Since Tuesday, December 14, 2021, the zionist occupation’s repression units repeatedly attacked the rooms and sections of the Palestinian female detainees in the zionist Damon Prison.

The barbaric attack profaned the values ​​and dignity of the Palestinian female detainees. The repressive forces have severely beaten the detainees, removed their hijab, dragged them from their necks until some of them lost consciousness, and isolated three female detainees in solitary confinement in other prisons.

These criminal practices against the Palestinian female detainees amount to international crimes and deviate from all norms and provisions of international humanitarian law and international human rights law. 

The Hamas Women’s Movement calls on all Palestinian national forces, Palestinian factions, civil society organizations concerned with women’s rights around the world, and human rights organizations to pressure the Zionist enemy and subject it to international law, and hold it accountable for its crimes.

We also call on our Palestinian people to effectively and strongly support the issue of our detainees in the occupation prisons with all available means until they regain their freedom.

Hamas Women’s Movement

Monday: December 20, 2021

The last time we heard about women’s movement in Gaza, it was this:

A Hamas-run Islamic court in the Gaza Strip has ruled that women require the permission of a male guardian to travel, further restricting movement in and out of the territory that has been blockaded by Israel and Egypt since the militant group seized power.

Yet not a word from these ’empowered’ women calling on “civil society organizations concerned with women’s rights around the world, and human rights organizations” to speak out. No guesses as to why.

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David Lange

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