Haters Whine About Israeli Wine-Washing


From the makers of pinkwashing, veganwashing, and pretty much every form of washing there is comes the latest in “washing”: wine-washing!

Fast forward to the present, and wine-washing proceeds apace. A March 2022 post on the website of the New York-based media company VinePair details how the Israeli Ministry of Tourism is capitalising on Israel’s “booming wine scene” – which entails more than 300 wineries in the New Jersey-sized country and more than 50 in the vicinity of Jerusalem alone, “some of them built in areas where wine was made by settlers thousands of years ago”.

The Israeli wine industry “has ancient roots”, we are told, lest any opportunity be lost to drive into the ground Israel’s supposedly eternal and unalterable claim to this patch of earth. However, it was “only in the 1990s with the Golan Heights winery that Israeli wine could compete on an international scale”. These would be the same Golan Heights that Israel illegally seized from Syria, which again goes to underscore how good it can be for business when you just violently appropriate other people’s fertile land and other profitable stuff.

Now, the whole Israeli wine spectacle has laid the ground for ever more aneurysm-inducing propaganda to distract from other domestic pastimes like ethnic cleansing, apartheid and the periodic massacre of Palestinians. In a November 2021 Jerusalem Post intervention, David M Weinberg opines that Israel’s “wine revolution is a sign of divine favor … an undeniable, stark indication of support from the Heavens” and a realisation of “biblical prophecies”.

You have to love how they mock the idea of our wine industry having “ancient roots”, but let’s face it: history and archaeology mock them.

Think for a minute how ridiculous they are. Actually, more than ridiculous – antisemitic. According to them, any time Israel does anything for the benefit of others, it does not come from altruism but rather solely to whitewash our supposed crimes. They are spreading the idea that us Jews only do things for personal gain.

And I find it ironic that the people accusing us of “wine-washing” and other types of “washing” seem to love whining but hate actually washing. Do they even shower?


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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