Why Maroon 5’s Visit to Israel Must Really Sting the Haters

I am in misery

There ain’t nobody who can comfort me, oh-yeah

– Israel-haters right now

It is bad enough for the haters that Maroon 5 ignored their pleas and bullying:


It is worse that they are not just performing here, but doing it twice:

It is even worse that while here, they are taking in the experience…and enjoying it:

But what makes it even worse for the haters is that they probably thought Maroon 5 were on their side:

(yes, it is legitimate and not a palestinian propaganda photoshop)

The band member photographed with that shirt is Mickey Madden. That shirt wasn’t just a fashion statement – he put out an anti-Israel video years ago with his other band:

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “Sisyphus of the Negev” by Collapsing Scenery. The music video is charged with a special message about the village of Al-Akarib, which has been destroyed 90 times by the Israeli government. The song matches this story with a reflective tone, melodically moving through the scenery with a sense of belonging. The song is off of the upcoming record, Stress Positions, out on June 28th via Metropolitan Indian. The album discusses multiple topics that are intruding on people living out normal lives. Watch “Sisyphus of the Negev” below and be prepared to learn more as Collapsing Scenery continue to take the world by storm.

“Don and I had the privilege of traveling to Israel and Palestine in 2012. Among the many remarkable people we met and stories we heard, the villagers of Al-Arakib and their quiet resistance stand out. They are Bedouin Arab citizens of Israel, who live in the Negev, on land they settled over a century ago, long before the establishment of Israel. They raise livestock and farm olives. The Israeli State refuses the claims of the townspeople to their home, despite documentation of Bedouin residency dating back to Mandate days, and has been engaged in a long campaign of intimidation and destruction in an attempt to clear the land for a forestation project. Among many absurd ironies, this has frequently entailed ripping up groves of old olive trees to make room for new plantings. The goal is to relocate the villagers to a modern township, in a place they’ve never lived, away from their home, their work, and their way of life. Every so often, the State will roll in with bulldozers and raze the village. Each time, the villagers simply refuse to leave, instead building increasingly makeshift shelters that last until the next inevitable round of demolition. At a certain point, the villagers were forced to camp in their cemetery, on the graves of their ancestors, the only area of the village the bulldozers wouldn’t dare go. This process of destruction and rebuilding has happened over 100 times now. This refusal to bow to intimidation, and the dignity and simplicity in the act of merely staying, is one of the most inspiring acts of rebellion we’ve ever witnessed. Tragically, this cycle continues ad nauseum. Just last December, Sheikh Sayah, the village elder, was imprisoned for refusing to leave the only home he’s ever known.”

Madden is still on a leave of absence following his arrest for an alleged domestic violence incident, so his anti-Israel proclivities are not even an issue. Both lead singer Adam Levine and keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmichael have Jewish backgrounds, with the former posting the below on his Instagram story this week:

I can almost make out a middle finger gesture in that photo – which is what Maroon 5 are showing the haters this week!

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