Israeli Bedouin Hero Saves Life Of Elderly Jewish Woman

This is what heroes are made of

The police officer in the pics below is an Israeli Bedouin Arab who saved the life of a 91-year-old Jewish woman from certain death, due to a fire in Jerusalem. His name is Sergeant Ayadat Mazrir and he serves in the Jerusalem District. I was sent this information by his friend from the station Mohmd Eyadat

The woman who lives in one of the buildings that was near the fire, lives on the 8th floor alone and has a caregiver who stays with her. Without hesitation, the brave police man rescued this woman and carried her the whole way to safety after running door to door knocking on doors in order to evacuate the building.

The old lady is in good health thankfully. The police officer deserves much more than to be promoted, he is an angel in disguise to go above and beyond his duty. May Hashem bless this man with everything good in life and may he be protected from harm and his family too.

See more pics here.

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