Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal” of the Day

Everyone’s favorite anti-Israel propaganda page Quds News Network are at it again, “it” being posting at worst lies and at best half-truths (Hat tip: Michal):

According to the caption on the Getty Images original, this is not a ‘palestinian’ woman from 1920 but rather a ‘Jordanian’ woman from around 1955.

Of course, it is a woman from Ramallah, and thus these propagandists call her a “Palestinian”, as if this is what she was known as at the time. But as the original photo caption shows, she was a woman with a descriptor representing the country in which she resided. Since following the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, Judea and Samaria (including Ramallah) was occupied and annexed by Transjordan, she is called Jordanian.

Had a real nation called “Palestinians” existed at the time, she would not be called Jordanian. Alas, they did not exist as a distinct nation, hence the Getty Images caption.

Quds News Network, thank you yet again for reminding us how history is not on your side.

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