Antisemitic Lawyer Farhad Khorasani Nominates Himself to Be Next Shah of Iran

Remember Farhad Khorasani, the antisemitic Iranian-American international lawyer who called for the genocide of Jews?

It has been brought to my attention by a couple of readers that he is now claiming to have been “proposed” as the next Shah-elect of Iran:

I call BS and posit that the only person doing the proposing is the antisemitic boofhead himself.

For a start, see how the tweet has been liked 1098 times? When I looked over all the ‘likes’ I noticed they all seem to be fake accounts with 0 or a handful of followers. I am guessing he paid for fake followers to inflate the number of times the tweet was ‘liked.’

But also note how despite being liked over 1000 times, no-one has retweeted the tweet. Bizarre to say the least – at least if you believe anyone else but boofhead likes the idea of him being the new Shah!

The graphic he tweeted is also fake. He photoshopped his photo on to an existing graphic:

Not that we didn’t already know he loves Photoshop.

If that wasn’t enough of an indication as to his delusions of grandeur – there’s more.

He seems to be obsessed with “GigaChad”:

And what/who is it?

ON more than one occasion, memes have sprung out of nowhere and brought unexpected notoriety to individuals.

This is no more true for Ernest Khalimov – AKA GigaChad – who has garnered so much acclaim for his good looks and chiselled physique that people have even questioned his own existence.

A chad is a slang term that refers to particularly attractive or confident males, reports USA Today.

And since the images of Ernest surfaced online, internet users have become stricken with his “ultra-masculine” personality and “perfect” appearance.

But back to Khorsani’s delusions. He changed his info on his State Bar of California profile to reflect that he considers himself to be GigaChad:

He’s clearly nucking futs and pretty much everything about this pretender is fake – except for his Jew hatred. He is still at it.

How he has not lost his lawyer’s license by now is beyond me.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media