Anti-Zionist-Not Antisemite of the Day: Ivana Maria Bostrom (Florida)

Meet Ivana Maria Bostrom.

The owner of Stellar Career Coaching (Professional Training and Coaching) and The Executive Corner (Staffing and Recruiting), Ivana also describes herself as “Editor for The Liberty Beacon (TLB), Middle East Rising News and OPTV – Occupy Palestine TV news” and “a human rights activist focusing on freedom, equality and justice for all”, speaking “for those who are oppressed by sharing truth in order to shed light on global issues in support of humanitarian causes.”

Naturally, she positions herself as someone fighting for palestinian rights:

and used* LinkedIn and Twitter to attack “Israel” and “Zionists”:

while promoting BDS:

But despite some rather clumsy attempts at positioning herself as being just against Israel and Zionists, and not all Jews:

and alleging people are labeled as “antisemitic” just as a way to silence legitimate criticism of Israel:

she cannot hide her pathological hatred of the Jewish people.

Like when she describes the Talmud (the oral Torah) as a “sick book,” uses the word “goyims” (sic) – a common tactic of antisemites – while comparing us to Nazis:

(no you are not knowledgeable at all, Ivana. The Talmud is one of the holiest books in Judaism)

speaks of us having been “disliked throughout history” (clearly referring to Jews, not just Israel):

writes that the Jews (i.e chosen ones) are physically ugly:

defends Kanye West:

amplifies notorious Jew-haters:

disseminates the antisemitic trope of us working behind the scenes and controlling governments and the media to dominate the world:

and just generally makes it clear she hates Jews:

Naturally she also digs Hamas, an internationally-designated terror organization:

Clearly, Ivana is an unhinged Jew-hater. But it turns out, she is also generally unhinged, as evidenced by her history of cyber stalking and physical stalking, battery and domestic violence dating back to 2013.

Since deleted thread on Reddit

Website The Dirty published a piece on her antisemitism, harassment, and other bad behavior in 2019:

This chick is a nutjob! Her so-called passion for Palestine has caused her to become antisemitic and she attacks Jews. This moron post on social media that the Holocaust never happened. Ivana got her butt handed to her on Twitter right before she got permanently suspended by a combat Veteran. Ivana had a restraining order against her in Florida from one of her victims who took her to court for constantly harassing her. Ivana has posted lies about people, job shamed people, attacked people for their physical features, and so much more. She even attacked people who has never even attacked her. Ivana is the type of person who will lie on a man saying that he raped her, she’s lied about so much more to make a person look bad just to defend Palestine. You want to bully people, spread lies about others, and other shit, Ivana! You brought this post on yourself! Ivana, everyone has the right to an opinion and for you to attack others for what they believe doesn’t make you a good person. Any man who shows interest in this woman has extremely low standards. Please get help, Ivana!

Ivana, thanks for playing anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite. Unfortunately

*I say “used”, because she was banned from these platforms for hate speech


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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