Libel Debunked: Prison Officers Broke The Hands of Released Terrorist Mohammed Nazzal

One of the palestinian Arab “prisoners” to be released in the recent terrorist-for-hostages exchange with Israel was 17-year-old Mohammed Nazzal, who was allegedly affiliated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad and detained at the end of August for “threatening area security.”

And he didn’t waste any time alleging Israeli prison officer brutality:

@ajplus This Palestinian teenager says Israeli prison officers beat him and then refused to let him have medical treatment. Mohammed Nazzal spoke to Al Jazeera after he was released.   #News #Palestinians #PalestinianPrisoners #IsraeliPrison #Detainees #OccupiedWestBank #Gaza #Israel #IsraeliOccupation ♬ Mystery / Suspense Investigation / Investigation / Thinking(1179817) – DaikixCousin

As usual, one has to be suspicious of such allegations, given how the palestinian Arabs have shown they will do anything to advance their agenda. And lying is the least of it.

But the first indication he is lying are the inconsistencies in the videos.

  • In the first video, he mentions both his hands are broken, but mentions just a “hand” in the second. This correlates with the fact that in the first video, both his arms are in slings; in the second just his right arm, and he is swinging his left freely. It is as if they “dressed him up” for the role just before each video.
  • In the first video, he speaks of being hit in the head with a metal bar, despite no evidence of injury on his head – especially weird since he also alleges they intended to kill the prisoners. Surely he would be dead if this was the case. In the second video there is no mention of being hit in the head.
  • In the first video, he claims his back is “mangled”; in the second it is “bruised.”
  • In the second video, he claims to have been beaten again the day he was released; he does not mention this in the first video.

However, the icing on the cake is the prison video that shows him on the day of his release – a week after he was supposedly beaten and his hand/hands broken.

Meanwhile, this is really what prison can be like for these people:

It is no wonder some of the released terrorists did not even want to leave.

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