Success! Kamran Hussain – Maree Campbell Accounts Suspended

A few days ago, I posted how ‘Maree Campbell’ made the mainstream media for a vile tweet insinuating a young female hostage released by Hamas looked appreciative towards her terrorist captors. That tweet had garnered 2.5 million views as of the time of my post.

In response to that tweet, I tweeted out one of my own – informing people that the Maree Campbell account was run by an antisemite from Luton called Kamran Hussain, with a link to my post in April showing the evidence. Thankfully, my tweet got over 1 million views, and triggered Kamran into a Twitter (and probably real-life) rage.

I am now happy to report that both the Kamran Hussain and Maree Campbell Twitter accounts have been suspended – and it seems to have occurred at the very same time (in a further vindication of my post showing they were run by the same antisemite).

And it gets better: the Maree Campbell LinkedIn account, which also had tens of thousands of followers to which Kamran posted his vile lies, has also been removed.

Unfortunately, Kamran’s LinkedIn account under his real name is still there, with his featured post being a defamatory blog post he wrote about me.

While I am not generally a proponent of having people’s account’s removed, I am happy in this case. Firstly, I managed to shine a light on this antisemite and his tactics quite a while ago and he has continued to post the most heinous lies about Jews and the Jewish state, which only serve to cause more hatred towards us. The fact his ‘Maree Campbell’ tweet got millions of views shows the potential danger if these lies goes unchecked. Secondly, many of you, my dear readers, worked hard to report the accounts, so it is heartening to see our collective efforts rewarded.

There is always a chance the accounts will be reinstated, and an even better chance that Kamran will create new fake accounts to pick up from where he left off. But let’s enjoy the fact we have at least made life more uncomfortable for this antisemite from Luton.

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