Hollywood Actor Mark Pellegrino: What Gives Israel the Right? 

My friend and Hollywood actor Mark Pellegrino has long proven himself to be a staunch support of Israel. His recent video explaining why people should support Israel, as well as his discussion with yours truly, reinforce his willingness to go out on a limb where too many others seem unwilling or afraid.

And Mark has done it yet again with his latest video explaining why Israel is the only state in the Middle East entitled to defend itself.

What makes this video particularly important, in my eyes, is how Mark is coming from the issue from a different angle than the one we are used to seeing. Sure, many of us believe Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people from a religious and historical point of view – but that won’t necessarily convince those who do not believe in religion and are ignorant about history (especially around the time of the Islamic conquest and prior). Mark’s contention that the state of Israel’s nature in bestowing rights on all its citizens is what gives it legitimacy is something that could – in my eyes – resonate with many for whom the other arguments don’t.

Also you just have to love how Mark’s mind works.

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