Antisemitic Terror Supporter “Syrian Girl” Maram Susli Continues to Be Honored

Maram Sasli, also known as Mimi al-Laham, Partisan Girl, Syrian Girl and Syrian Sister, is a Syrian Australian conspiracy theorist and YouTuber. She is also one of the vilest of antisemites, who I have written about before on here on numerous occasions.

Her antisemitism is matched only by her support of terrorism, which has come more to the fore following October 7, but has been obvious for a long time. For instance, back in 2014, it was reported that her social media posts had been monitored by security agencies for some 18 months.

This post October 7 tweet of hers speaks volumes about what kind of sick individual she is:

Yet despite her blatant Jew-hatred and terror support, Susli continues to be “honored.”

One such example is her being regularly invited on as a speaker to Mario Nawfal‘s Twitter Spaces on the topic of the Middle East Conflict. I had the displeasure of being invited on once when she was a fellow speaker. Mario asked me one question and then my speaker’s rights were removed for some unknown reason. In contrast, Susli was able to speak and speak and speak, spreading blatant lies, lies to which I was powerless to respond.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Susli appears on EduRank’s 100 Notable alumni of University of Western Australia, appearing in 24th place ahead of some of the most famous and accomplished people ever to come out of Western Australia.

The website GoTouniversity also mentions Susli in an exclusive list of 10 of the top Alumni of the University of Western Australia:

This is preposterous. Susli deserves to be ostracized, investigated and possibly charged under Australia’s counter terrorism laws, not honored as some kind of UWA alumni to be proud of.

One can only hope this cryptic post of hers alludes to some upcoming legal troubles.

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