Haters Cannot Handle TalkTV Host Julia Hartley-Brewer Ripping Mustafa Barghouti

TalkTV host Julia Hartley-Brewer has ripped palestinian Arab MP Mustafa Barghouti in an interview, causing the haters to foam at the mouth and demand she be fired:

The haters’ main accusation against her has been to label her as “racist”:

That comment sparked accusations online of racism, with observers saying that it was a regurgitation of the stereotype that Arab and Muslim men are especially misogynistic.

Barghouti himself is claiming the same thing.

The thing is, Barghouti does seem to like talking over women, especially those Jewish ones who claim to have been raped:

I am not sure whether Julia had this in mind when she made the dig about not letting women talk, or she was just generally frustrated with him actually speaking over her as you can see from the full interview (in which he also defends Hamas):

Note also his dishonesty when he asks her “Do you condemn that Israel is occupying us since 1967?” when it is clear he opposes the entire state of Israel as was established in 1948 (as does Hamas, of course).

By the way, Julia takes no prisoners when it comes to all terror apologists, and not just palestinian Arab ones, as you can see from this recent interview with terror-supporting antisemite Chris Williamson:

I know I am not alone in enjoying the way she serves it up to these detestable terror supporters.

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