More ‘Bluey’ Copyright Infringement and Lies at Anti-Israel Rally in Melbourne

At an anti-Israel rally in Melbourne, Free Palestine Printing flaunted their abuse of the Bluey trademark and copyright, despite BBC Studios demanding they stop doing so. And it seems the guy dressed up as Bluey at the protest was none other than antisemitic Burgetory CEO Hash Tayeh (who I have speculated is somehow involved with Free Palestine Printing). As posted on Instagram:

At the same rally, someone (who I assume might be Hash Tayeh) implied Burgertory was burned down by “Zionists”:

But police have said they do not know if this is the case, and Tayeh has admitted being in the dark as to who did it. In fact, indications are it was not politically motivated:

Victoria’s top police officer says the Palestinian-Australian owner of a torched Caulfield burger store has not yet substantiated allegations that the arson attack on his business was racially or politically motivated.

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton told ABC radio on Thursday that Hash Tayeh had been asked to meet investigators to provide a formal statement as part of the probe into the November 10 fire.

However, the chief executive of the Burgertory chain, who claims he is now in hiding after reportedly receiving a slew of safety threats, has not made a formal statement, according to Patton.

“We’ve said we’re very happy to investigate any threat, and he did state to investigators he’d received many threats, but really only wanted one investigated. They’ve said: ‘We’ll absolutely investigate it, come in.’ He hasn’t come in yet,” Patton said.

“We’re happy to investigate any and all allegations of any threats. But we don’t do so until we get a statement from someone. We’ve invited Mr Tayeh to come in. That hasn’t occurred, for whatever reason.

“I make no judgment on that, there might have been competing interests on his behalf or whatever. But until we can get a statement from him, we can’t investigate.”

Yep, it looks fishy.

Meanwhile, back to Free Palestine Printing; in case you did not realize Free Palestine Printing are promoting actual terrorism, I give you this post shared on their Instagram stories:

The paraglider is a reference to what many Hamas terrorists used to breach the wall between Israel and Gaza and commit their heinous atrocities of October 7.

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