Mohammed El-Kurd Denies Supporting Massacres. The Video Says Otherwise.

Speaking at an anti-Israel rally in London, antisemitic terror supporter Mohammed El-Kurd has seemingly said the quiet part out loud.

I have listened to this repeatedly and can confirm that is exactly what he said. Listen for yourselves.

Yet El-Kurd is engaging in one of his favorite pastimes: gaslighting.

El-Kurd could have claimed here that he misspoke, and meant to add the word “not.” But he is denying what he clearly said. It speaks to his constant lying and supreme arrogance. Remember, this is the same guy who is on record as saying he does not care whether the word “apartheid” actually applies to Israel – as long as Israel is made to look like the villain, all is good.

Now let’s look at his entire speech..

Leaving aside the fact 5Pillars translated this sentence in line with El-Kurd’s disingenuous claim, he clearly also says

“Zionism is apartheid, it’s genocide, it’s murder, it’s a racist ideology. And we must root it out of the world. We must be de-Zionised because Zionism is a death cult. Zionism is indefensible.”

How does El-Kurd suggest to “root out” Zionism? One needn’t imagine too hard that this would also entail the murder of Jews.

Especially considering his reaction to the events of October 7:

So whether or not El-Kurd said exactly what he meant to say, or whether it was a Freudian slip, does not really matter. We already know he is supportive of the massacre of Jews, and does try to normalize it.

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