Is Mohammed El-Kurd Trying to Hide His LGBTQ Identity?

Back in June 2022, I posted how antisemitic terror supporter was being attacked for supposedly being gay. The proof of this was him giving a speech at a ceremony in support of the alQaws Foundation in New York and calling on people to support this institution and support all its activities.

Truth be told, my gaydar does go off quite loudly when he speaks.

Perhaps he was taken out of context and wants to normalize mascara.

Now more information has come to light regarding El-Kurd’s sexual proclivities – which are only relevant given he supports those who would be the first to throw him from a roof. Which might be why he seems to have abandoned the LGBTQ community.

Auto-translated from Mako (hat tip: Jonathan):

It is possible that the young “freedom fighter” from the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah has become very accustomed to the free perception of the American academy and the economically beneficial position in promoting the Palestinian struggle, as evidenced by his  winning the Canadian Peace Prize in April of last year . It can be assumed that the status and aura around him help him pocket quite a bit of cash for each lecture, which no doubt soothes his conscience in recent years, in which he stopped speaking out for the gay community as he did in the past. After all, no one has forgotten how LGBT people are really treated in the territories of the Palestinian Authority and Gaza.  

Al-Kurd probably does not expect his fellow members of the struggle to accept gays, lesbians and transgenders equally into their ranks, therefore he himself has never officially come out of the closet. No matter how much we dig around the web, we do not find a personal reference to his sexual orientation, although he has received harsh criticism in the past from Palestinian activists for his participation as a “queer speaker” in a fundraising conference in New York for the benefit of alQaws , a Palestinian LGBT organization An anti-Zionist (the equivalent of the Israeli “Association for the LGBT”), who denies the State of Israel while operating from its territory, this is because the Palestinian Authority prohibits his activities in its territory. 

For a certain period until the middle of 2020, Al-Kurd was active in the alQaws organization, or at least a vocal supporter of it. After his participation in the conference in question, venomous criticism began to arise against him from Palestinian activists, who claimed that he was harming religion and morality. He was accused of crushing Palestinian society and promoting sin, and cartoons depicting him as Satan began to run on social media.

The Palestinian journalist and political activist Mu’ad Khattab, who also serves as an interpreter on the Al Jazeera channel, published an 11-minute video about a year and a half ago in which he goes against Al-Kurd and says that his attempts to promote the LGBT issue cannot be passed over in silence. At the beginning of the video, he clarifies Khattab states that it is forbidden to expose a sin, religious or social, of a person who does it secretly, is ashamed of it, has not declared it or does not act to promote it. However, he emphasizes that the situation changes when “the person calls for normalizing the sin, Defends him and promotes him with a wave in front of the cameras, which makes him public and forces us to respond.” 

The video shows Al-Kurd’s photos at a demonstration by the alQaws organization in Haifa, where he is holding a sign that reads “Queer Call for Freedom”, and another photo from the aforementioned conference in New York, in which only speakers from the LGBT spectrum were included, and Al-Kurd, of course. “The reason for our anger, sadness and shock is that a man who became the symbol of the Palestinian struggle, even if not by his choice, turned out to be a man who acts against all our existential, cultural and social morals,” Khattab says in the video, in which he accuses al-Kurd of not being content with preserving He blamed himself, but flew all the way to the US to raise funds for an organization that promotes the LGBT issue. 

Khatev instructs the viewers to support Al-Kurd in the Palestinian issue, but to oppose with all his might the promotion of the LGBT community, as throughout the video he uses the word “the abomination” instead of the LGBT community. “We should ask him to stop his activities to normalize the abomination. We will ask to stop giving him a platform under the title ‘Palestinian young leader'”, he says in the video alongside a request not to physically harass him, because “God will judge him”. 

It seems that he has stopped participating in the activities of the alQaws organization and has not been recorded speaking out in favor of the gay community, even though he was presented as a “queer speaker” at that conference. Now, with the outbreak of anti-Israel protests around the world, Al-Kurd’s anti-Semitic views are receiving renewed attention in the world media as the spearhead of the Palestinian struggle, but even today there are many who disown him due to the same ” rumors ” about his support for the LGBT community. 

One of the users on Twitter (or X), who has since been suspended from the social network, warned the public that children should be kept away from Al-Kurd, and attached a homophobic cartoon depicting Al-Kurd as a zebra carrying a pride flag in front of a girl. In another cartoon , his figure is seen with red horns and dressed in the colors of pride, surrounded by homophobic inscriptions in the Arabic language: “betrayer of religion”, “abomination” and “does not represent Palestine”, among others.

Despite criticism from home, Al-Kurd continues his campaign of incitement against the State of Israel around the world and continues to ignore the existence of the gay community. 

It seems El-Kurd has not just stopped speaking out for his LGBTQ community, but might actively be trying to hide it.

When I searched for his name on the alQaws website, one of the search results was this past event. Yet his name does not appear on the page:

But his name does still appear on this page advertising the same event:

benefit copy

It seems someone scrubbed his name from the alQaws website. The question is who? Did El-Kurd ask they remove it, or did they do so voluntarily after he abandoned their cause?

Either way, it would be a shame for some blogger to remind everyone about El-Kurd’s background, given how inconvenient that would be for him in pursuing his genocidal cause, wouldn’t it?

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