Lawyer Adam Houda Threatens to Sue Sky News Australia For Calling Him a “Jew Hater”

Adam Houda, described as “one of Australia’s most high-profile criminal lawyers”, has threatened to sue Andrew Bolt, Danica De Giorgio, and Sky News Australia over what he calls “a defamatory story they ran about me..calling me a “Jew hater”.”

Here is what Adam wrote on Twitter/X:

The allegation is baseless and completely untrue. I challenge anyone on this planet to find one example demonstrating I hate Jews. You will never find one!!!

To the contrary, many of my heroes, who share similar views to me, are Jews. Just to name a few, they include:

1. Noam Chomsky

2. Norman Finkelstein

3. Ilan Pappe

4. Oliver Stone

5. Gideon Levy

If you look at my track-record, I don’t take injustice lightly. I have always vigorously and successfully stood up for my rights through the appropriate channels.

No doubt, there are people working in the shadows who are behind this false story – trying their best to discredit me simply for raising awareness of the genocide taking place in Palestine – being perpetrated by the criminal state of Israel.

To those people & insidious group/s planning and plotting against me – I will not be silenced. As long as my heart beats, I will be taking issue with Israel’s 75 years of heinous OPPRESSION, OCCUPATION AND MASS MURDER of the Palestinian people.

For over 3 months now, we’ve witnessed right before our eyes, a horrific genocide being committed by Israel against defenceless Palestinians which has seen over 30,000 civilians, including babies and children, slaughtered in cold blood.

I, like the majority of people on this earth, have been completely horrified by the unprecedented evil, savagery and barbarity of Israel’s war crimes.

If Bolt or Sky News had a shred of decency about them, they would be leading the way in trying to bring the criminal state of Israel to justice. Instead they attack and defame those doing the job the world expects of them.

Andrew Bolt & Sky News – your reputations precedes you for the trashy, sleazy, gutter ‘journalism’ you dish out of your sewer offices daily. To the point, you bring the whole profession of journalism into disrepute.

My advice to you is to apologise to me immediately to mitigate the damage you’ve caused to my reputation.

You’ll be receiving a Letter of Demand from my lawyers shortly.

In the meantime, #FreePalestine

Lawyer, Adam Houda.

According to Adam, Sky News Australia subsequently deleted the story. But “fortunately” for him, he screenshotted it and then tweeted out a screenshot of the tweet – an odd choice, given he is now spreading further something he claims has a defamatory imputation (something I assume would work against any damages claim of Adam’s).

I was curious as to how Andrew Bolt and team would opine that Adam might harbor hatred of Jews. Some of his best friends heroes are Jewish after all. So I did some digging into Adam’s Twitter/X timeline, to better understand why some people might think this.

Perhaps it is when Adam constantly compares Israeli Jews to Nazis, something that the IHRA working definition of antisemitism (adopted by the Australian government) includes as an example of antisemitism:

Ironically, some of Adam’s tweets refer to us as “vermin” and “rats”, something I have heard others in history call Jewish people:

Or perhaps it is the use of antisemitic tropes, like Jews controlling/holding undue influence over the media and governments (while sometimes forgetting to use the “Z” word and only using the “J” word):

(Come to think of it, didn’t Adam’s letter denying any antisemitism also refer to “people working in the shadows” being “behind this false story”?)

or when he tweets out something derogatory using the “J” word:

Although, it could also be tweets that seem to mock the idea that antisemitism actually exists or make out like Jews are “playing victim” or just trying to silence people:

or those expressing a desire that Israel’s entire Jewish population be destroyed and be made to suffer for eternity:

or painting the only “good Jews” as the ones who oppose the existence of Israel, which constitutes a small minority of the world’s 15-16 million Jews, the vast majority of whom (upwards of 90%) – who Adam calls “evil” – are “Zionists” who support the existence of the Jewish state:

or calling a renowned antisemite like Rick Wiles of TruNews a “fine American”:

I mean, it is not like Adam has not admitted that some of his Jewish friends have become offended by his tweets:

Of course, this is all just speculation as to how people – especially Jews – might be of the opinion that Adam has expressed Jew hatred.


24/1/24 14:15: Adam is now threatening to sue me:

I recommend he look up libel law more carefully if he thinks he stands a chance of winning.

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