Burgertory CEO Hash Tayeh’s Projection

In my previous post, I lamented the gloating and lies of haters over the conclusion of Victorian Police that “gas the Jews” was not chanted at a Sydney Opera house protest in October.

One of the reactions I did not include in that post was that of Burgertory CEO Hash Tayeh, who wasted no time in accusing “prominent Zionists” of “using the lie” of the chant to “incite hatred, division, & Islamaphobia” (sic.), while demanding they issue a apology:

This is too rich coming from the same guy who incited hatred, division, and antisemitism by using the lie that his store was firebombed by “Zionists”/Jews, and has refused to issue an apology for doing so, instead making the case he was reasonable for thinking so given the threats he allegedly received. Meanwhile, he thinks it is unreasonable for Jews to believe the protesters were chanting “Gas the Jews”, while they were also found to have chanted “f— the Jews” and “Where’s the Jews?”, so soon after Hamas terrorists butchered, raped and kidnapped civilians, no less.

Meanwhile, it seems one of those who firebombed his shop was – surprise, surprise – a fellow Muslim:

A second man has faced court accused of setting fire to a Melbourne burger shop, leading to a violent clash between Israel and Palestine supporters.

Habib Musa was charged with arson over a fire at Burgertory restaurant in Caulfield on November 10, which allegedly caused $450,000 of damage, court documents reveal.

I say “surprise, surprise” only because Hash himself made me believe this could be the case.


2/2/24 15:35: Hash is crying “Islamophobia” because Avi Yemini – like me – suggested one of the arrested men was Muslim:

His name sounds very Muslim, and that is the reason I (and presumably Avi) thought he was, as well as the interview with Hash saying what he did.

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