A Killer Fundraising Campaign

The following fundraising campaign ran on LaunchGood and raised over $66,000 (hat tip: Sara):

Peace Be Upon You,

My name is Bakkr Alnaji, and I am reaching out with a heavy heart on behalf of my family.  Our family, consisting of two loving daughters, myself, and my devoted mother, is facing a profound crisis due to financial hardships.
My father, Professor Alnaji, a dedicated professor and a pillar of our Muslim community, has been working non stop to to support his family; he is a man who has devoted his life to education and community service.

My father is more than just a professor; he is a loving husband and a caring father who has always put his family first. The toll this situation is taking on our family is immeasurable. We are now faced with mounting legal fees, emotional distress, and an uncertain future.

We are reaching out to our community for support through this challenging time

Your contributions will help us cover financial hardship  – This includes basic needs, rent, and more. Additionally, your support will alleviate the financial burden on our family, allowing us preserve the well-being of our family.

We are immensely grateful for any assistance you can provide. Together, you can help bring our family back together, by the Will of God.

Thank you for your generosity and support during this trying time. May God, The All Knowing, reward you for your aiding your Muslim family.

The campaign seems rather vague. The only hint as to the cause of the family’s hardships are “mounting legal fees, emotional distress, and an uncertain future.”

And what, pray tell, are the legal fees for?

Nothing much – just for the good professor’s defense on charges of killing a Jewish man.

What is it about dodgy crowdfunding campaigns raising around $60,000 for terror-supporters?

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