For What Is Antisemite “Syrian Girl” Maram Susli Soliciting Donations?

A little over a year ago, I blogged how antisemitic terror supporter “Syrian girl” Maram Susli was begging for money to legally fight what she called libel. She raised over AUD$2,000 and claimed victory.

She recently launched a new fundraising campaign to help yet again with “legal fees”, this time on a platform called GiveSendGo (which sounds like the fundraising equivalent of “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!”):

It is all rather mysterious, with Susli not giving away much in the way of details:

I’m Syrian Girl, I’m an activist and a dissident. I am being targeted and i need help with legal fees. I’m not at liberty to give all the details right now but more details will emerge as this evolves.

but that hasn’t stopped suckers from donating, with Susli already having raised over half of the $AUD20,000 (!) for which she is asking.

On her Telegram channel, she gives a bit more information (with bonus antisemitism):

The Zionist lobby is trying to shut down my free-speech in Australia, as a result I have to pay legal fees. I would appreciate your support to defend and protecting free-speech in this country. If you are able please share this post, or give to my legal fund on these links.

and on Twitter/X, she sounds even more unhinged:

My Legal fees as a result of the zionists trying to cancel me and ruin my life.

The question is: what is this money actually for?

Is Susli actually being sued for something? Or is she asking for money on false pretenses?

Susli posted the below tax invoice on Twitter/X:

and while she blotted out parts, you can see at the top left “a division of Fortuna Advisory Group.”

Fortuna Legal seems to only deal with business-law related topics:

so it seems to be related to a business dispute. And unless this dispute is with a “Zionist”, I fail to see how it relates to “Zionists” trying to cancel her.

Given Susli is a serial liar, I would not be surprised to learn she is raising this money on false pretenses.

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