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Jen Psaki As Contestant On Don’t Say It! The Game Show

It's fun for the whole family! Unless you are a Jewish one..

In Which Jen Psaki Randomly Doesn’t Say The J Word

Jen Psaki stutters and stumbles over the word "nationality" but never sez the J word.

Jen Psaki: Kerry Has Made Dozens Of CALLS On Israel’s Behalf

Israel should be GRATEFUL that Sec. Kerry has made simply DOZENS of calls on its behalf!

Video: Jen Psaki Epic Fail


Jen Psaki Still In Denial Over Operation Protective Edge

Watch as military genius Jen Psaki disputes General Dempsey's description of Operation Protective Edge

PFLP-Affiliated Organization Al Haq Wins Gwynne Skinner Human Rights Award

A palestinian organization with ties to Khaled's PFLP terrorist organization has won an award of their own

The Biggest Mistakes Pro-Israel Advocates Make #12: How to Deal With That “Hot Mess”...

The next installment of the Hasbara Guide: How You Frame it Matters

What Obama Forgets, And What He Remembers

If Obama won't let Netanyahu's comment go, it's really worth asking why

The Fallacy Of The “Mutually Agreed Swaps” Formulation

A UN mandate on Israel to reach a "mutual agreement" with the Palestinian Authority would be a thinly veiled insistence that Israel capitulate entirely to Palestinian Arab demands

Doublethink and Misguided Random Extremism

The Obama Administration is holding a Summit on Countering Violent Extremism, with some guests with ties to the "random" extremists

Josh Earnest And The President’s Random Adverb

When the President uses a RANDOM adverb, Josh begins to stutter in EARNEST. (I'm not joshing you.)
image White House Deputy Spokesperson

White House Spokesperson: Taliban Not Terrorists

Taliban are not terrorists, just armed insurgents.

Huge Statement By US Embassy In Israel

I can't wait to see Jen Psaki bumble her way around this one

Ayala Shapiro, The Town Of Speyer, And Building Homes For Jews

Ayala Shapiro has illustrious and tragic Jewish history behind her surname and her freedom to build a home should not depend on Arab terror.


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