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Comedy (Ariel) Gold of the Day: Ice Cream Stand Edition

Code Pinker Ariel Gold has reacted to news that Ben & Jerry's Israel is coming out with a new flavor made for the upcoming elections

The Richness of Linda Sarsour Attacking AIPAC For “Promoting Palestinian Prosperity” Panel

Following "Uncle" Bernie's despicable comments about AIPAC, his biggest fan-girl Linda Sarsour gleefully retweeted another Israel hater's dissing of the upcoming AIPAC conference

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Dr Garry Bonsall (Basel, Switzerland)

Meet the dentist with the bad mouth when it comes to Jews

Latest Half-Baked Anti-Israel Libel

Palestinian and anti-Israel websites have been reporting how we unjustly closed down a 60-year-old palestinian bakery

Child Abuse at Memorial Service for Islamic Jihad Terrorist

Seen at a memorial service for Islamic Jihad terrorist Muhammad "Jesus" Na’em.

What Made Actor John Cusack Declare “Bernie is the Best”

This is what makes John Cusack feel the Bern in his pants

“I’m Palestinian! That’s How We Get Down.”

Dana Mustafa made her initial appearance in federal court on charges of allegedly assaulting a Federal Air Marshal.

Why It Sucks to be a Red Sox BDS-Hole

Some Hebrew spotted at the top of Sunday’s Boston Red Sox line-up

WATCH: New Anime Series on Israel

What seems to be the first episode in a new series

Indignation From Supporters as Zioness Celebrates Antisemite Who Obstructed Efforts to Rescue Jews During...

Zioness continues to get flack from its own support base

Sophia Loren, Fan of Israel

Deadline reports how Netflix has snapped up the rights to The Life Ahead, an Italian drama in which Sophia Loren plays a Holocaust survivor. Reading this, I have been reminded of Loren's support for Israel and the Jewish people.

Palestinian Ministry of Health Announces The Arrival of Coronavirus in “Palestine”

Quds News Network have posted a video announcing the arrival of coronavirus in "Palestine."

Darwin Award Aspirants of the Day

Two Hizbullies found out the hard way that dressing up like practicing Jews in Beirut is not a wise move.


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