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Palestinian Propaganda Site Goes All Buzz Lightyear To Insanity and Beyond

Antisemitic Facebook page the Palestinian Revolutionary United Front has gotten carried away by a NASA engineer who wore a palestinian item of clothing for her new NASA head shot.

Comedy (Ariel) Gold of the Day: Sucker in the Iranian Sukkah Edition

Code Pinker Ariel Gold has touched down in Iran and is proudly tweeting how she spent the holiday of Sukkot with Iranian Jews

What Hamas’ Release of New Photo of Captured Israelis Tells Us

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Gilad Shalit-terrorist exchange, Hamas has published a taunting message for Israel regarding four Israelis they are holding captive.

Nick Cave Causing BDS-Holes Even More Grief

In his latest blog post, Aussie musician Nick Cave has taken a shot at 'woke' culture

Comedy (Ariel) Gold of the Day: Member of the Tribe Edition

The latest in my new series

Jewish Press Chief Editor Elliot Resnick’s Disgraceful Tweet About the Kurds

Chief Editor of the (lamentable) Jewish Press tweeted this in response to Mitt Romney blasting Donald Trump's decision to abandon the Kurds

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: Storming Solomon’s Pools Edition

WAFA News Agency laments those pesky Jews "storming" a site and "performing Jewish rituals."

BDS Fail of the Day

I think this screen grab from this video of a bunch of BDS-holes says it all

Palestinian Information Center’s Latest Delicious “Own Goal”

Where the Palestinian Information Center lets down its guard

Palestinians Culturally Appropriate Popular Israeli Snack

Meet Shatawi, otherwise known as Krembo


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