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Zionist Death Dungᵀᴹ Not a Big Hit In India

This did not quite go according to plan

WATCH: NY Times Writer Bari Weiss on Antisemitism and Israel

NY Times writer Bari Weiss recently sat down with Joe Rogan to discuss antisemitism and Israel

Electronic Intifada Paints Vaporized Terrorists As Innocent Civilians

Antisemitic hate rag The Electronic Intifada has reported about the IDF's latest "crime": killing a couple of young palestinian men

Latest Libel: Hump Day Edition

Yet another pernicious lie against the Jewish state.

‘Rise Up Ocean County’: Rise of An Antisemitic Group Targeting Lakewood Jews

A group called Rise Up Ocean County has launched a campaign to "restrict development and preserve their quality of life" in Ocean Country, New Jersey. See if you notice a theme

Sarah Silverman Tweets Out Israellycool Post. Hilarity Ensues

Comedienne Sarah Silverman tweets out a link to a post of mine. The reactions are overwhelmingly negative

BDS Fail of the Day: Damn Juice Edition

So it seems the Palestinian Ministry of Labor has a juice problem

WATCH: Shopping in “Concentration Camp” Gaza

This next video is a Vlog of some kids shopping in a supermarket in Gaza. And once again, it shows the real Gaza - not the one you are seeing from the haters and their accomplices in the mainstream media.

Propaganda Fail of the Day: An Israeli in a Palestinian’s Cab

Another own goal for Al Jizz

That Time Marvel Dealt With Arab Discrimination of Jews

As a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this comic strip - apparently from Marvel Superhero's Contest of Champions (1982) - puts a smile on my face. Or perhaps it is a grimace.
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