Greta Berlin Antisemitism

Here is a convenient compilation of links to my coverage of the Greta Berlin controversy, in which the Free Gaza co-founder was caught tweeting links to antisemitic material.

For other coverage, I highly recommend Avi Mayer’s Storify account of the controversy (here and here).

Berlin’s original tweeting of the antisemitic Eustace Mullins video:

Berlin’s tweeting of a link to a Nazi propaganda film, as well as her initial, contradictory excuses:

Berlin’s bio as a Media Communications Expert:

Peculiarities with the response of Free Gaza’s co-founder Huwaida Arraf:

Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein leaping to Free Gaza’s defense by smearing Avi Mayer:

Berlin and Free Gaza’s statements and the problems with them:

Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah’s accusation that Berlin is lying:

Berlin’s interview with Larry Derfner, including further display of antisemitism:

A 2007 letter written by Berlin’s ex step daughter confirms her antisemitism:

Damning revelations concerning the “secret” Facebook Group in which Greta Berlin participated:

Cancellation of her book events: and