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Greta Berlin: Still a Jew Hater. Still a Terror Supporter. Still a Dumbass.

Remember that time antisemitic terror supporter Greta Berlin responded to a post of mine about her possibly announcing a trip to Israel – by calling me dumber than dirt?

Of course, given this was the same person who called me ‘Aussie Dan’ (instead of ‘Aussie Dave’), and who posed proudly in front of a (unbeknownst to her) Zionist poster, it was a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

I recently noticed that the Bride of Frankenstein is on Twitter, and decided to have a look at her timeline.

I can confirm she is still antisemitic, still supports terrorism, and still as thick as bricks.


Despite being caught posting vile antisemitism, Berlin has denied she is a Jew-hater.


This despite the evidence, including her ex step daughter confirming it, and the likes of fellow Jew-hater Ali “Abumination” Abunimah recognizing it.

Greta’s Twitter feed confirms what we already know:

She also attacks the idea in Judaism of “chosen people”:

regularly forgets to use the “Z” word instead of the “J word, while referring to us as “Europeans”:

advances the theory we collaborated with the Nazis:

spreads the antisemitic tropes of Jews meddling in other governments and using money to take control :

accuses Jews of “dual loyalty”:

and generally mocks the idea of antisemitism:

She also converses with Holocaust deniers and antisemites:

and retweets them approvingly:

Terror Support

Greta continues to make it very clear that she supports terrorism against the Jewish state:


Exhibit A: Publicizing her Wikipedia page and thus publicizing her history of Jew hatred

Greta likes to tweet out a link to her Wikipedia page to prove crucial things like her age, her existence, and that she is not ignorant:

But in doing so, all she is doing is spreading the word about her rank antisemitism:

Exhibit B: Accidentally admitting Jewish history in the land of Israel, despite trying to deny it

Berlin, who claims she is “anti-Zionist-not-antisemitic” is constantly trying to deny Jewish history:

This includes denying our connection and history in the land of Israel:


Judea is the root of the term “Judaism.”

So there you have it. Greta Berlin is the gift who keeps on giving. But alas at 82, it would seem this evil prune probably won’t be giving for much longer.

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