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Flying Pig: AFP Reports on Israeli Company Providing Gaza With Drinking Water

With the mainstream media mindlessly spreading the antisemitic blood libel that Israel should but won't provide Covid-19 vaccines for the palestinian Arabs, the AFP...

The Mystery of AFP Regarding Bat Yam as a Mossad Agent Retirement Village

Honest Reporting has picked up on some bizarre reporting by AFP

AFP’s Latest Propaganda Piece: The Iranian Trapped in Gaza

AFP have run a "sob story" about an old, impoverished Iranian man trapped in Gaza because of those "evil Israelis"

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: AFP Is Full of Gas Edition

Introducing Gaza's female petrol station attendant!

Media Bias Most Horrid as AFP Talks the Walk on Gaza

AFP publishes a report that needs to be seen to be believed: Gazans take coastal walks to escape 'double confinement'

Pallywood of the Day: Horsing Around Edition

Quite the reaction

AFP And The Samer Ol’ Bias

Some media bias from AFP

The Demise Of Cinema Jenin And The Art Of Biased Reporting

A further example of the art of biased reporting and demise of objective mainstream media journalism

AFP Story On Arafat Museum With Telling Visual

This says it all really

Kay Wilson’s Story Makes Headlines At Huge Personal Cost

Israel is swamped with foreign journalists who all, with monotonous group think, avoid stories which don’t fit their ideological biases.
yahoo report misleading - tel aviv terror attack

AFP’s Report On Tel Aviv Terror Attack Might Just Be The Most Biased And...

AFP's is perhaps the worse, and Sheri explains why

Pope: “I Am Converting To Islam” – Associated Press

You see that headline come across your news desk from a wire service: would you try to fact check it with the Vatican?
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