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Munir Anabtawi

AJ+ Scores “Own Goal” With Attempted Hatchet Job on Israeli Police

AJ+ has come out with a video about the shooting death of mentally ill Arab Munir Anabtawi, which inadvertently shows how his family is lying

WATCH: AJ+ Exposed

Raheem Kassam of Prager University exposes AJ+, the "hip" version of Al Jizz, and the nefarious people backing it. 

WATCH: Some More Crazy Examples of Al Jazeera Antisemitism

In my previous post on Al Jizz, I mentioned a number of examples of their antisemitism. It turns out, there are plenty more crazy examples from their employees.

Al Jizz Arabic Puts Out Horrendously Antisemitic Video About the Holocaust

Al Jizz gets caught getting their antisemitism on

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda Starring ‘Photogenic’ Shirtless Rioter

Remember A’ed Abu Amro aka Triple A, the palestinian rioter who George Takei crushed on, and who claimed we injured him because he is photogenic? Al Jizz apparently agree he is photogenic, so they did a short propaganda video on him.

Al Jazeera’s Way of Commemorating Kristallnacht

AJ+, the "woke" branch of Al Jazeera, posted this video yesterday

WATCH: The Lies of Shirley Temper

Where I expose Shirley Temper's most egregious lies from an interview with AJ+

Al Jazeera & The Little Attempted Lyncher

oOnce again, shame on Al Jazeera for this propaganda and glorying "resistance"

AJ+ Latest Libel Against Israel

A new water libel

AJ+ Defends Terror Supporters And Inciters

Al Jazeera's "trendy" offshoot is at it again
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