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PressTV Calls Eurovision Celebration “Rally Near Al Aqsa”

Iran's PressTV fails again

Reader Post: 10 Pro-Tips For Becoming an Effective Anti-Israel Protester

10 pro-tips that astute observers gleaned about how to be a card-carrying Israel-hating activist

Today, I Woke Up Embarrassed To Be Israeli (Updated)

I've never been more embarrassed in my life

Shot In The Back For Guarding A Mosque

It’s hard to say this attack had nothing to do with Islam.

Scenes From The Temple Mount

Nothing to see here, move along and do not come back (you are banned)

The Lie About The Six-Day War And Why We Gave The Temple Mount Away

In which Varda's blood boils and she writes a letter to the editor of the Jerusalem Post

When Prayer “Causes” A Riot

Had this been Jews rioting because they saw Muslims praying the media would be up in arms

When It’s Ok To Blame The Victim

Enough with the victim-blaming

The Kotel Vs Al-Aqsa

The moral difference between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is made clear by their approaches

Storming Zionist Bubby of Doomᵀᴹ

Don't let her age or relaxed demeanor fool you. She can storm with the best of them.

Palestinian Anger Over Jewish Temple Mount Visitors Explained

A graphical representation of the (extremely) gradual takeover of the Temple Mount by Jews.

Cartoon: The Camera Don’t Lie

Why is the Palestinian Authority President so opposed to security cameras on the Temple Mount? Zion Mike knows.

Abu Mazen’s Feet Vs Ann Coulter’s Tweet

Perhaps we’re all focusing too much attention on the wrong things.
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