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Video Proof Debunking Abbas Hamideh’s Claim ‘Holocaust Guy’ Was a Zionist Plant

Remember how antisemitic terror tubby Abbas Hamideh tried to distance himself from this guy chanting at his anti-AIPAC rally, claiming he was a Zionist plant?

Antisemitism, Terror-Support and Threats of Violence & Genocide at Abbas Hamideh’s Anti-AIPAC Rally

Yesterday, Abbas Hamideh, the antisemitic terror-tubby and friend of Rashida Tlaib, held a rally outside AIPAC. It was pretty much what you would expect from him and his Al Awda "Right of Return" organization

GoFundMe Closes Down Account of Antisemitic Terror Supporter Abbas Hamideh’s Organization

Jew-hating terror supporter Abbas Hamideh has his keffiyeh in a knot, after GoFundMe closed down the account for his Al-Awda, Right of Return Movement

Threats, Calls for Israel’s Destruction & Terror Support at Times Square Rally

As Islamic Jihad fired hundreds of rockets at Israels last week, a wretched hive of scum and villainy organized the "Emergency Action for Gaza: International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Resistance" rally at Times Square

Abbas Hamideh: The Jew-Hating, Genocide & Terror Supporting Gift That Keeps On Giving

There's even more extreme, violent and antisemitic rhetoric of Hamideh that has largely gone unnoticed until now
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