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Israel Condemned for Gazan Missile that Hit Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights Office

Not the first time the haters have blamed Israel for damage and injury caused by an errant palestinian-fired rocket, and they certainly will continue to do so

Are You One Of The Idiots Who Unthinkingly Believe Hamas Propaganda?

Either bullets in Chicago are a lot more vicious than Israeli military bullets, or Ha'aretz is publishing Hamas propaganda as news again.

Amira Hass And The The Elders Of Zion (UPDATED With Video)

Asking the owner of Ha’aretz if he would print Amira Hass’s “Elder of Zion” conspiracy theories.

Reader Post: Amira Hass, Anti-Israel Leftist, Thrown Out of Birzeit University For Being JEWISH

What do you get when you combine an anti Israel leftist academic who sucks up to Islamic Jew hatred and gets thrown out of Birzeit University for being a Jew?

Flotilla Ship Leaves Greece

Free Gaza has announced that one of the boats of its flotilla has left Greece, and is on its way to Gaza.

What’s Missing?

From the Free Gaza mailing list: Dear friends, Israeli journalist, Amira Hass has been arrested as she attempted to cross back into Israel from Gaza, after...


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