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WATCH: How Do You Say “I Suck at Pretending I Am Not An Antisemite”...

Because those who hate Israel almost invariably do so because they hate Jews.

Dutch BDS-Holes Revel In Their Jew Hatred

Dam Jew haters

WATCH: Palestinians Gets His Rage On Against Kosher Restaurant in Amsterdam

A palestinian has been arrested after he smashed the windows of a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam

Auctioning off the Property of Dead Jews Pays Well

Mixed with gratitude for learning about Peter Redlich is the question - what right did they have to take part of his legacy?

Anti-Zionists-Not-Antisemites Of The Day

..are those responsible for this poster, apparently seen in Amsterdam

Pro-Israel Christians Rally For Israel In Amsterdam

Feeling the love all the way from Amsterdam

Moron Of The Day

Meet "Rabbi" Josef Antebi

Better Occupation Profiteer War Crimes

You've got to have a pretty warped view of the world to think making it a Better Place is a bad thing for anybody
palestinian watermelon

The Day In Israel: Thursday June 24th, 2010

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is right on the money in his comments on the flotillas planning to sail to Gaza in the coming days.


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