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Angelo John Gage

Angelo John Gage Whines Over YouTube Channel Closure

Following his ban from Twitter last month, unhinged antisemite Angelo John Gage has now had his YouTube channel taken down. No prizes for guessing whose...
Cynthia mckinney and White supremacists

Chilling: Cynthia McKinney Discusses Jewish Problem With White Supremacists

As someone who monitors Jew-hatred on an almost daily basis, I thought I'd seen everything. Then I watched this video. In it, former US Congresswoman Cynthia...
Angelo John Gage

Angelo John Gage’s Ominous Warning in Rant Video After Twitter Ban

White Supremacist Angelo John Gage has finally been booted from Twitter, and he has a few things to get off his chest
Angelo John Gage

Iran Invites Antisemite Angelo John Gage To Honor Arch Terrorist and Deliver Antisemitic Lecture

He had to turn it down because he's father-of-the-year (in his mind), but he's really flattered
Angelo John Gage

Antisemite Angelo John Gage Claims Police Paid Him a Visit, “Understand Him”

The vile antisemite rants about being paid a visit, thanks to his bone-chilling tweet(s) expressing a desire that Jews be killed
Angelo John Gage

Antisemite Angelo John Gage’s Chilling Tweet

Fresh from his appearance on Iran's Press TV with his "colleague" the Jewish Ariel Gold, virulent Jew-hater Angelo John Gage has tweeted something rather chilling

Ariel Gold Appears With “Colleague” Antisemite Angelo John Gage on Iran’s Antisemitic Press TV

What do far Left, Jewish Code Pinker Ariel Gold and Neo Nazi Angelo John Gage have in common? Press TV for a start!

WATCH: A Response to Jew-Hater Angelo John Gage’s Latest Video Rant

Jew-hater Angelo John Gage is not happy with Joseph's video, and has uploaded another video rant, this time attacking both him, me, and others. I thought it easier to just respond with a video of my own
Angelo John Gage

WATCH: The Fascists Plotting to Take Over America

My friend Joseph took my concerns about antisemite Angelo John Gage seriously, and had someone go undercover in the chat he and his like-minded Jew-haters set up for discussing their plans.
Angelo John Gage

Antisemite Angelo John Gage is Shocked No Jews Have Come to His Defense

Angelo John Gage, the virulent Jew-hater who has been claiming the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is real (among other antisemitic things), has another reason now to hate Jews.
Angelo John Gage

Antisemite Angelo John Gage Accuses Me of Harassment and Asks His Followers To Report...

Antisemite Angelo John Gage - whose Jew hatred and nefarious plans I exposed on my blog yesterday - is not happy I did so
Angelo John Gage

Antisemite Angelo John Gage Seems To Be Planning a Violent Revolution in the US

I initially added some of this as an update to my post on antisemite Angelo John Gage, but on second thoughts it demands its own post and the attention of the authorities.
Angelo John Gage

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Angelo John Gage (New Jersey)

A second-rate author with one book on Amazon, Angelo describes himself asĀ "anti-Zionist." But he is full of venom for Jews
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