Lucas Gage Finding It Increasingly Hard to Hide His Unhinged Antisemitism

In my Zoom conversation with Angelo John Gage aka Lucas Gage – who claimed to be a changed man – I explained to him more about the principles of Judaism; what being the “Chosen People” actually means (spoiler alert: nothing to do with superiority, but rather responsibility to spread ethical monotheism to the world); the fact that any Jewish people who act immorally are doing so in spite of their Jewish faith and not because of it.

Gage made out like he accepted what I was saying and although his views on Israel and his focus on “bad” Jews were still bothersome to me, I felt he had made progress in overcoming his Jew hatred.

Alas, this was not the case, judging by his subsequent social media activity, despite the fact he claimed to me that he does not hate Jews; that Jews are not a monolith but rather there are some bad Jews out there and we need to call them out; that he is just a good guy who wants to solve antisemitism; that by getting insulted by his good-faith efforts to do so, we are actually reinforcing antisemitism.

But like so many Jew-haters before him, the pretense has been too much to bare. As time has gone on, Gage’s rhetoric has returned more and more to his Angelo John days, and made an absolute mockery of his claims that he is just wanting to call out some bad apples, and does not paint all (or even most) Jews with the same brush.

For instance, yesterday he tweeted this vile and dishonest attack on Judaism itself:

Note how here, he is attacking practicing and non-practicing Jews alike. We are pretty much all bad eggs in his eyes.

As a practicing Jew, I can tell you his representations of Jewish beliefs are lies. If Gage had truly done research, then it must be confined to Neo Nazi websites and perhaps the odd nutcase claiming to represent Jewish belief. He certainly has not read or listened to any actual authentic, mainstream Rabbis on Jewish belief and, if he has, then his lies are mendacious.

Not that this is the only example of Gage spreading lies or accepting bogus “research” as fact. He prides himself on being a smart, thoughtful guy, yet spreads fake “proofs” that paint Jews and/or Zionists in a bad light. Like this further example:

I dealt with this last month, but Gage need only have Googled “JIDF” to discover this form is nonsense .

But Gage’s libels against the Jewish religion and Zionists are not the only manifestations of his obvious Jew-hatred. Behold, Holocaust revisionism:

I do not say “denial” because he claims he does not deny the Holocaust. It is peak Gage trying to be smart, but any reasonable person can see exactly what he is doing.

There are plenty more examples on his X/Twitter timeline if you can stomach the rants of a clearly ill individual. The problem is, like so many other Jew haters on social media, he has a large following and is egged on to not only continue but ramp up his evil rhetoric.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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