Lucas Gage Endorses Video of Japanese Neo Nazi Calling For Op to “Subjugate the Jews”

Following his 3-month suspension from Twitter/X, Jew-hater Lucas Gage aka Angelo John Gage continues to rant against the Jews on other platforms, including Telegram, where he has already cultivated a following of over 5,000 followers.

Gone is any pretense of distinguishing between “Zionist Jews” and “anti-Zionist Jews”, or believing there are any good Jews in the world. To him, we are a “monolith”:


Gone also is any pretense we should be defeated merely “rhetorically”, as he claimed when accused of inciting violence against Jews with his recent “slaying the demons” rant. For instance, his posting the below cartoon, which seems to show Muslims and Christians united in fighting us in a very non-rhetorical manner:


Even more worrying than this is his posting the below:


Here is the video in case Gages deletes it.

As you can see, the man does not speak about “Samurai” engaging with Jews in “rhetorical” combat and winning. He speaks of an operation to “subjugate the Jews.”

So read what you want into Gage stating he is “building a coalition of all the “samurai” across the world… to face against the Jewish Supremacists.”

By the way, the man in the video is Haku Zynkyoku, a Japanese conspiracy theorist and cult leader who is a favorite of Neo Nazis, even apparently positing that Adolf Hitler was the reincarnation of god. He seems to be advocating some kind of Fourth Reich. And Gage should be careful what he wishes for; this guy is no fan of Christianity either!

And yes, that is a Swastika behind him.

Meanwhile, a group calling itself “Stop Zionist Hate” is threatening a lawsuit against Canary Mission for allegedly defaming Gage, over his “slaying demons” remarks:

Yeah, good luck with that. As I have demonstrated here and in previous posts, it is reasonable to be of the opinion that Gage’s words could incite violence, even if you were to accept his claim he meant rhetorical slaying.

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