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One Picture Destroys Apartheid Israel Lie

Here’s the clue: you have to look with a hatter’s eye.
Ramadan, Rami Levy

Ramadan Kareem At Rami Levy Supermarket

Varda's amateur film clip shows there's no Apartheid in Israel.
image Israeli solider and Arab man and woman

Photo of the Day: Hanukkah Sweet Service

Jerusalem bakery BDS fail
image Muslim girls in Israel

Photo of the Day: Arab Girls Eat Falafel Outside

Arab girls sitting outside at a table in one of popular felafel places

Apartheid Fail Of The Day

An #ApartheidFail at a Tel Aviv train station...

Photo Of The Day: Tel Aviv Bus Apartheid Edition

There I was, no trees close by....
image Israel apartheid, photo Palestinian abuse, picture Arab girl

Photo of the Day: Israeli Bus Apartheid

Which do you think is more of an Israeli apartheid photo?

Photo Of The Day: Apartheid Fail At The Showers

Palestinian Arab: "Apartheid? You got to be stupid blind to think so!"

Yet More Apartheid Failure On Israeli TV

Arab: 33 year old mother of 3 wins Master Chef. What is going on in Israel these days?
image Palestinian children Jerusalem, photo Arab children Israel, picture Palestinian Israel

Jerusalem: The Old City Rocks

During John Kerry's visit tens of thousands of people were out each night on the streets.
image Palestinian girls, photo Israel apartheid, picture Arab girls, picture Israel apartheid

Where’s the Apartheid: Purim in Jerusalem

BDS and Human rights activists, maybe it is time for you to redirect your efforts?
photo Palestinian couple, picture Jerusalem Palestinians, image Israel apartheid

Photo of the Day: “Selfie” in Teddy Park, Jerusalem

Another day in the park and yet another photo of BDS and Israeli Apartheid Fail
image Palestinian women, photo Israeli Arab women, picture Palestinian women Israel, Image Israeli occupation.

Photo of the Day: Jerusalem Heat Wave

Photo of the Day: Jerusalem Heat wave shows occupation in Jerusalem, Israel
image Jerusalem apartheid, photo Palestinian boys, photo abuse Palestinian

Where Are We Now: East Jerusalem Edition

Where are we now, seems everywhere is East Jerusalem these days
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