Where’s the Apartheid: Purim in Jerusalem

Certain media seems to still be obsessed with Scarlett Johansson and SodaStream.

Perhaps instead of beating an old story to death, they should actually come to see what is happening on the Jerusalem, Israel streets?

Yesterday was Purim, that time of year when many, lots of Jews drink too much. They get drunk to blot out the name of that wicked Haman who tried to kill the Jews so many years ago.

Mamilla Mall is one favorite hangout on Purim.

image Mamilla Mall, Photo crowd in mall, apartheid Israel

Thousands of people and there was more security in the Athens airport back in the ’90s!

image Palestinian women, photo Palestinian apartheid, picture apartheid Israel

These three Arab women got past that checkpoint and were seated in a popular restaurant.

image Jerusalem apartheid, photo Palestinian women, picture Palestinian women Israel

Seems they were having trouble placing their order.

At least they got seated, many others were standing in line waiting to get a table.

And more Arab girls?

image Palestinian girls, photo Israel apartheid, picture Arab girls, picture Israel apartheid

These girls were taking turns posing for photos with the cute guy in an Indian costume.

Hmm, it was only when I got home that I noticed the back of that black shirt.

I have lots Arab girl photos, because it is easy to pick them out if they have head coverings.

image Palestinian checkpoints, photo Palestinian students, picture Palestinian apartheid

As I was finally leaving the mall, a group of Arab students arrived near Jaffa Gate.

So much for BDS and Apartheid!

Even on Purim, with all the drunks, it is safe for women, girls and teenagers in Jerusalem, Israel.

There is a new US special envoy to Syria, 

BDS and Human rights activists, maybe it is time for you to redirect your efforts?

Where’s the Apartheid?

Purim in Jerusalem, Israel, looked like another big #BDSfail! 



Real Jstreets

I lived in the United States, Canada and Australia before moving to Israel in the midst of the Second Lebanon War. For the last ten years, walking the streets of Jerusalem, the scenes I saw every day did not resemble the ones familiar in the Western media. Now I try to share those positive images with the world, what is really happening in Jerusalem, Israel, The Real Jerusalem Streets

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