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Obama Wins 2nd Nobel Prize for Creating the Israeli-Saudi Alliance

The electrified crowd burst into applause when Mr. Obama strode into the room to accept his prize. "Please excuse my lateness, I was leading from behind...Then again, we are the one we've been waiting for."
Khameini is in trouble! Quick, let's fly him $1.7 Billion stacked on pallets! The Daily Freier

Khameini is in Trouble! Quick, Let’s Fly Him $1.7 Billion Stacked on Pallets!

Former Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry: I actually was for these protests, before I was against them.

Israeli Settlement Facts To Counter #FakeNews

The truth about Israeli settlements is very rarely told in mainstream media

Michael Doran Testifies In Congress About Obama’s Iran Deception

Watch Doran's testimony, in which he identified five components of the deception

Speech-Gate: The Never Ending Story

I hope that the news that most Americans want Netanyahu to deliver the speech will be the end of this matter

Obscuring The Truth About A Nuclear Deal With Iran

If Obama and his team sign a nuclear deal with Iran, will we even know what's in it?
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