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Woman Who Chose to Marry Anthony Weiner Thinks AIPAC Is Tacky

Not for the satire impaired

WATCH: Obama Yells At Bill Clinton To Get On Air Force One

Former President Clinton hitched a ride back from Israel on Air Force One with Obama
photo of Arab boys with dead baby

Bill Clinton, Want Peace, Start with Children

What kind of culture props children in death photos?

And Now Bill Clinton Shows He “Gets It” On Israel And Hamas

Following on from Hillary's strong show of support for Israel, it is now hubby Bill's turn

Other Celebrities Who Have Apparently Converted To Islam

Disclaimer for our Muslim readers: they really haven't, so please don't use this post as a source for such claims

Pay Bill Clinton Or Plant A Tree

Cash is being placed delicately on the top of a huge pile of petro-dollars.
Carter Clinton

The Day In Israel: Sun Oct 24th, 2010

Former US President/current Elder of Moron Jimmy Carter has defended Russian Jewish immigrants to Israel against Bill Clinton!
bill clinton idiot

Biscuitless Bill

While George Bush has been accused by ideological opponents of being - amongst other things - Lord of the Presidential Idiots, a new contender has emerged.
castro Israel

Friend or Fidel?

It seems as though Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Israeli President Shimon Peres have something in common with former US President Bill Clinton. They all have a thing for Cubans.
bill clinton angry

Bill Unhinged

Bill Clinton says that the obstacle to peace is... Russian immigrants to Israel!

Aussie Dave’s Cartoon Time: Bill’s Rant

Aussie Dave's cartoon of the day
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