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MUST WATCH: Bill Maher Rips BDS as a “Bullsh*t Purity Test”

Whatever your feelings bout Bill Maher, do yourselves a favor and watch this. He nails it.

John Legend: For Too Long It’s Been Out of Bounds To Speak Up For...

Singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor John Legend displays his ignorance

Hollywood Stars Salute Israel at 70

Because there are some non-numbskulls in Hollywood

WATCH: Bill Maher Defends US Decision To Acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Bill Maher is no fan of US President Donald Trump, but on the Friday edition of his show Real Time, he came out strongly in favor of the decision to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

WATCH: Celebrities Show Love For Israel (Part Four)

Part 4 in my series

WATCH: Bill Maher: “Europe Has Been Real A-Holes About Israel”

He said it..in his typical politically incorrect fashion.
Bill Maher, 2008

Must See: Bill Maher Gets Some Real Time With Benyamin Netanyahu

Like counting the rings on a tree, if you look carefully at the hair on his head, you can see how young he is.

Watch: Bill Maher Explaining A Joke To Idiots

I can relate to this (as the joke teller..not the idiot....hopefully)

WATCH: Bill Maher Defends Bibi Netanyahu

Bibi Netanyahu has been attacked for his "Arab voters" comments. Watch as Liberal comedian Bill Maher defends him

Bill Nye The Science Guy Also Expert On Antisemitism

Bill Nye is not fly

Watch: Salman Rushdie, Carly Fiorina Discuss Terrorist Attacks With Bill Maher

Rushdie: we should "not give a f*cking inch."

Video: John Cleese On Stupidity And Political Correctness

Great viewing for those like me who are not fans of political correctness, and are fans of John Cleese

Obvious Mossad Agent Posing As Iraqi Cleric

Ben Affleck probably doesn't like this guy


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