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IfNotNow Stuck on Stupid

We already knew that those anti-Israel 'activists' of IfNotNow had not been blessed with much of the grey matter. But it helps to be reminded from time to time.

Anti-Israel Birthright Brat Elon Glickman Displays Embarrassing Ignorance

Now This has posted video of one of the anti-Israel birthright brats (Elon Glickman) complaining about a map they were given, because it did not mention the West Bank

Anti-Israel Birthright Brats Raise Their Funds…And Even Have Spare Cash To Burn

It's official: there are way too many people with more dollars than sense

Anti-Israel Birthright Brats Beg For Money After Getting Kicked off Program

They have done exactly what you would expect entitled brats to do

What Birthright Gets Wrong

What Birthright would be if Ryan was in charge

How To Make An Antizionist Jew in 3 Easy Steps

Antizionism is seeing a sharp rise among young Jews, and the very programs that desire to buck that trend are in fact helping it.

The Messenger

An amazing, inspiring story


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