Anti-Israel Birthright Brats Beg For Money After Getting Kicked off Program


You may have heard of the IfNotNow members who have staged walkouts on Birthright tours to promote their Israel-hating agenda – broadcasting them on Facebook Live of course. The actions of these entitled brats are so off-putting, that even Ha’aretz published a piece criticizing them.

Birthright’s programs are, essentially a gift, a joint gift from the government of Israel and from wealthy American Jewish individuals and organizations that are certainly self-interested: It is presumably valuable and important that the younger generation travel to and build a connection to the Jewish state.

But the trips are still a gift. You can dislike or even hate the person who gives you a gift; you can even criticize the size, shape or nature of it. But accepting and enjoying that gift, only to proceed to hurl it publicly in dumpster while loudly denouncing it, is not an attractive sight. Doing so while tearfully declaring what a “sacrifice” one is making, and praising oneself and others for being “brave” – adds absurdity to what already looks like the act of an entitled brat.

The good news is they have been booted off Birthright, losing their trip deposits and having their flights home cancelled. Boo to the hoo.

But they have done exactly what you would expect entitled brats to do: complained about the predicament they now find themselves in while schnorring for money.

The spoiled knuckleheads in question are Becky Wasserman, Noah Wagner, Corinne Curcie, Hallie Berkson-Gold, Risa Nagel, Rebecca Oliver, Elon Glickman, and Sarah Fadem.

As of the time of this post, 61 suckers have contributed over $2,000. You can’t fix stupid.

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