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Board Of Deputies Of British Jews Retains Right To Work With Jew Haters

Should Jews work with or against our enemies?

A Lesson In Colloquial British

“To trouser” is a transitive verb meaning to accept or take a payment and put it in ones trouser pocket and leave.

30 Reasons UK Jewry Needs Help

Buzzfeed called, they want the rights to unbelievably stupid lists back.

British Jews Are Represented By 124 Moral Cowards

The 124 who voted for this are the lowest of the low. They revolt me

MCB Are Swivel-eyed Ignorant And Divisive Say The Board Of Deputies

Why did the Board of Dhimmis of UK Jews get into bed with the swivel-eyed, divisive and ignorant Muslim Council of Britain in the first place?

Avril Mailer Writes To The Board Of Deputies Of British Jews

Trying to give themselves a big pat on the back for being such happy-clappy-multi-culti-lovie-dovies.

Shock! UK Jews Not Protected By Appeasement

How is that solidarity statement with the Muslim Council of Britain that said Israel targeted civilians in Gaza working out for you?

Alex Brummer Bites Back: It’s Court Jew Vs Phillips

Alex Brummer of the UK's Board of Deputies has nothing better to fight against than brave Jews like Melanie Phillips.

Board Of Dhimmis Of British Jews Destroying British Jewry

Jews lose when these idiots sit down at the table with evil people like the Muslim Council of Britain.

Board Of These Deputies

Does the official voice of British Jewry have anything better to do than insult the EDL?

The Madness Of Future King Charles

Some say he talks to his plants, some say he plans to conquer the world with His own brand of organic food, all I know is he can give a two thousand word speech about British Jews, to British Jews and not mention Israel once.


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