A Lesson In Colloquial British


Here’s a new colloquial British expression for you to learn: “to trouser”

Sir Gerald slipped in, trousered a couple of doughnuts and slipped out again very quickly.

This refers to the “Right Honourable” Sir Gerald Kaufman who briefly attended the Board of Deputies of British Jews’ Chanukah party in the UK. The “speech” referred to in the video is his most recent anti-Israel calumny in which he clearly invoked the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

“To trouser” is a transitive verb meaning to accept or take a payment and put it, usually quickly, in ones trouser pocket and leave. It’s often associated with a bribe though clearly Chanukah doughnuts don’t quite fit that category.

Much thanks to Tal Ofer for asking the question and passing on the video.

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