Alex Brummer Bites Back: It’s Court Jew Vs Phillips

A few weeks ago the UK’s Jewish Board of Deputies issued a diabolically stupid joint statement with the Muslim Council of Britain that allowed the odious MCB to claim Britain’s official Jewish community representatives had condemned the IDF for targeting civilians in Gaza. I linked to pieces by both Melanie Phillips and the editor of the Jewish Chronicle and added my own commentary.

Well now the Board has come back swinging and, in typical fashion, they’ve gone after Melanie Phillips. But of course, from these assimilated court Jews of England, you know they can’t fight substantive issues so they go straight in with slur and innuendo.

After faintly praising Melanie as “a colleague and friend for many years and in many guises”, Alex Brummer hits out with this:

We are all capable of scouring the worldwide web in search of adverse material that supports our case. Phillips is expert at this and her fondness for conspiracy theories on a range of issues including events involving the Middle East are legion.

Come again? That’s the best you can do? Accuse her of performing copious research and actually summing up facts to use in her work? And then you throw in the catch all charge of our era “conspiracy theories” too. Excellent work, clearly highlighting your complete inability to answer the substance of her accusations.

The rest of his piece (I’ll include a photograph of it) is just more whiny protestations that the MCB are not all that bad and the Board had to do something, didn’t they, because, you know, they wouldn’t want it to get worse for Britian’s Jews. In fact, his piece is little more than a list of the transgressions of the MCB followed by a plea that they aren’t all that bad and anyway who else is there to talk to!

Alex Brummer is, from his bio in this piece in the Jewish Chronicle, “City Editor of the Daily Mail and a vice-president of the Board of Deputies”. I’d say he’s lining up a bid to take over from current and heavily criticised chairman, Vivian Wineman, though it would seem Alex would just be a clone.

If the UK Jews are to scared too stand up and say Israel can do whatever it needs to do to protect my family from rockets and other terrorist acts, they deserve all the ill that will befall them. For make no mistake: the ones you have a problem with in the UK don’t just hate Israel, they hate Jews. You can’t do more than buy yourselves a little time by distancing yourselves from Israel. They’ll swallow you up all the same.

“Leaders should not be criticised” is his title, and orders should be obeyed at all times! Oh my, they’re sounding a little totalitarian aren’t they.

Update: Thanks to Avril Mailer for pointing out the following problem. Alex says in his piece that the

MCB’s secretary-general Shuja Sahfi may not have covered himself with glory when he appeared on the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and had to be goaded into criticising antisemitic graffiti on synagogue walls. That was unfortunate but he came around in the end and has clarified his position to make it plain that the targeting of civilians referred to Hamas.

Well the only evidence we can see on the graffiti issue is this tweet:

No mention of antisemitism there, only “vandalism”.

On the other point: the statement ONLY referring to Hamas targeting civilians: Alex is yet to provide any evidence of this.

Jewish Chronicle Brummer vs Melanie Phillips


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