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New Israel Fund Can’t Handle Debate In London

When Zionism is too dangerous to be heard in a synagogue in London, you know there’s a problem.

WATCH: Brian Answers A Tricky Question

I don’t care if telling someone that they’re living a lie makes them upset, it’s the truth.

WATCH: In Which Brian Gets The Final Word

Because I couldn’t let that last question just hang in the air.

WATCH: The Whole Two State Solution Dead Or Alive Debate

Melanie Phillips and David Collier are highlights in this.

WATCH: Indigenous Brian Talks To London

As you’ll hear, it’s heavily influenced by Ryan Bellerose’s indigenous Jews arguments.

The Perfidious British Museum Jewish History Denial

The British Museum is wiping the existence of past Jews off their map.

The Two State Solution: Dead Or Alive?

Brian of London will be speaking in public in London! Get your tickets now.
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