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Co-opting Carlos’ Corona Cretinery

Antisemitic cartoonist Carlos Latuff sure loves himself a cartoon blaming palestinian coronavirus cases on Israel

Cartoonist Carlos Latuff Spreads the Antisemitism Virus

Trust antisemitic cartoonist Carlos Latuff, (with some help from MondoScheisse) to team up for this

When They Turn on Their Own: Richard Silverstein Calls Carlos Latuff an Antisemite

Anti-Israel Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein has turned on cartoonist Carlos Latuff, calling him an antisemite.

Cartoonist Carlos Latuff is Being Sketchy When He Denies Being an Antisemite

Following terrible twosome Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib both sharing a cartoon by antisemitic cartoonist Carlos Latuff, the latter has invoked the tried-and-tested "I am being silenced with unfounded allegations of antisemitism" defense.

Ariel Gold “Honored” to Have Antisemite Create Cartoon About Her

Recently-deported-from-Israel Code Pinker Ariel Gold has tweeted her pleasure over being depicted in a cartoon by Carlos Latuff

Creatively Messing Up The Stream

Al Jazeera Stream, where all the world's anti-Israel crowd can gather
Egyptian protesters

Israel Under Fire: Sunday August 21st, 2011

Ok, I've tried to avoid getting into this situation, but it seems many people are expecting me to cover the latest war being waged against us here in Israel.


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