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Separated At Birth: Icy Relations With Israel Edition

Catherine Ashton and John Kerry have helped bring in very cold relations between Israel, the EU and the US

Netanyahu Makes Ashton Look Stupid Or Evil

While Israel was keeping its citizens safe, perfidious representative of the EU, Catherine Ashton, was grinning and smiling and licking the arses of the “reformed” Iranians

Separated at Birth: Chinless Baroness Edition

Baroness Catherine Ashton reminds me of a certain Sesame Street character.

Catherine The Not-So-Great

She deserves to be ridiculed and it's oh so easy

Catherine Ashton, Grossly Distorted

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has claimed her remarks were "grossly distorted" by a news wire service

Catherine Ashton’s Heinous Comparison

Baroness Catherine Ashton compares the Jewish children just murdered in cold blood in France with Gazan children accidentally killed by Israel while defending itself from rocket attacks

Ashton, Kutcher Please Cover Up?

The Iranians have given European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton the Photoshop treatment, covering up her neckline in front page photographs.
gaza mall

More Scenes From the Gaza Mall

More scenes of despair from the "concentration camp" called Gaza

The Day In Israel: Sunday Mar 14th, 2010

US President Barack Obama has issued a stern ultimatum to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. A widely predicted crisis between Israel and the United States...


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