More Scenes From the Gaza Mall

Via Paltimes (here, here, and here) and Rotter come more photos of the Gaza Mall.

gaza mall

"If it wasn't for the Gaza mall and it's water reserves, I'd die of thirst.."

gaza mall

"I'm starving.........for some CHOCOLATE AND STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM!!!"

gaza mall

Little Ahmed learned the hard way that the Zionists have no problem constructing separation walls...anywhere

gaza mall

"95kg? You think I need a machine to tell me I'm starving?!"

Thanks to EoZ and Solomon for finding the photos.

Meanwhile, I still have not seen the opening of the mall covered by any of the mainstream media, nor have I read about any dignitaries visiting the Strip (such as EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton) dropping by for some bargain shopping.

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