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Legacy Media #FakeNews By Omission

Omitting to report pertinent events is just as #FakeNews as lying about what actually did happen.
Ilam Ramon quote Israel anything can happed

Remembering Ilan Ramon

13 years ago yesterday

Eilat And Back

Driving to Eilat in a Better Place car

Better Place Distance Dash

1,150 km or 715 miles in a single day in a battery powered electric car. On real roads, with real people: no test track and using infrastructure open to anyone who buys a car. An Amazing Achievement.

Multi-Staged Terror Attack In Israel

Palestinian terrorists have staged a three-pronged terror attack near the southern Israeli city of Eilat

Explore Strange New Worlds

Lets just hope the Borg are kept in check this time.
Nasrallah wipes

The Day In Israel: Monday Aug 8th, 2010

An Israeli who disappeared in March has been released from a Libyan prison, thanks to some complex negotiations that involved allowing Libya to build 20 prefabricated housing units inside Gaza

The Day In Israel: Sunday Aug 8th, 2010

A Hamashole spokesperson has denied they were behind last week's rocket on Eilar and Aqaba. But he thinks he knows who was.
IDF Lebanon

The Day In Israel: Wednesday Aug 4th, 2010

IDF analysts believe that the Lebanese sniper fire at the Israel-Lebanon border on Tuesday was in fact an ambush planned by a Lebanese officer encouraged by his commanders.
Amare Stoudemire kippa

The Day In Israel: Monday Aug 2nd, 2010

A huge explosion has destroyed the home of senior Hamashole Ala Adnaf, and injured 24


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