Multi-Staged Terror Attack In Israel

Over an hour and a half ago, Palestinian terrorists staged a three-pronged terror attack near the southern Israeli city of Eilat, injuring dozens of people.

Egged bus 392 that was damaged in the shooting attack (Channel 2)

Dozens of people were hurt on Thursday after terrorists opened fire on two buses that were traveling in southern Israel near the city of Eilat. In addition to the shooting attacks on the buses, mortars were fired from the Egyptian border.

The first attack was on a bus traveling from Beer Sheva to Eilat, near the city of Netafim. Shortly after the bus attack, IDF forces engaged in a shootout with the armed men near the scene of incident.

Initial reports indicate that the shooting came from a car that was following Egged bus 392, traveling on Route 12 in southern Israel. According to reports, the passengers in the car opened fire at the bus, which held many soldiers returning from their bases.

Israeli security forces searched for the suspected vehicle and set up barricades in the area, and once they caught up with the vehicle a shootout between IDF forces and the gunmen erupted.

Two IDF helicopters were called to the scene in order to evacuate those wounded to Yoseftal hospital in Eilat.

Magen David Adom director told Army Radio that those wounded are all in light to moderate condition and remain conscious, and assured that the incident is under control.

Security forces are investigating whether the incident was a terrorist attack.

Five of the wounded are reportedly in critical condition.

Updates (Israel time; latest at top)

8:58PM: The Iron Dome missile defense system has intercepted at least one Qassam rocket fired towards Ashkelon.

8:30PM: And the attacks continue: 2 more people were critically wounded when gunfire erupted close to the site of the deadly series of terror attacks, during a press conference by Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF chief Benny Gantz.

6:48PM: The IAF has reportedly struck Gaza.

6:35PM: Some reader reactions from the palestinian Ma’an News Agency report on the attacks:

2 ) Salma / Palestine18/08/2011 13:26smell of an “Israeli” intelligence operation. same old games.


3 ) Omar / Gaza18/08/2011 13:32Good news, bravo Israel and well done.


4 ) Heba / Jenin18/08/2011 13:34thought jews do not kill each other !


5 ) Wissam / Palestine18/08/2011 13:35The target was a vehicle carrying SOLDIERS. Therefore this is not a terror attack but an internationally-sanctioned resistance operation against an occupying power.


6 ) Goerge / Ramallah18/08/2011 13:35for Netanyahu and liberman It’s okay to kill some Jews to stay in the government .


7 ) Ahmad / Nablus18/08/2011 13:41shame on you Netnyahu, cant you find a better way to silence the protesters against your government ? terror is not the soultion .

9 ) Palestinian 4 ever / Palestine18/08/2011 13:54Zionists do not dare to re-occupy Sinai or gaze . Israel is so much weaker today than ever.


10 ) chil / usa18/08/2011 13:55bravo, and this is not a terrorists attack, this was a military operation on military targets. if nato can seek out military targets and kills civilians in the process and get away with it then all is fair. if any civilians died its too bad they should know israel is a closed military zone that u enter at ur own risk. more attacks should happen like this. there’s no way that israel should be allowed to occupy palestine without paying a price.


11 ) Ali / Amman18/08/2011 14:02We are not against Jews ……. But we will not allow stealing our land. We will not rest until we liberate all our land, all our Palestine


12 ) Amjad ibn Hamas / Gaza18/08/2011 14:07hahhaha, Gen.Barak can not do anything, It’s the beginning of the end dear zionists.


13 ) ebb / anflow18/08/2011 14:26long live al kataeb al aqsa


14 ) Proud Palestinian / Dubai18/08/2011 16:00israeli elite commando soldiers fail to return fire. loool


15 ) Mousa / Egypt18/08/2011 16:01Israel no longer can act against Sanai . cowards.


16 ) Fadi / Ramallah18/08/2011 16:08Mbrook Barak , what would you do? resign, no other choice. hahahahahah


17 ) free palestine / u.s.a18/08/2011 16:08I want to know all casualties from each seperate attack, i hope they plan more of these attacks


18 ) Rania / Nablus18/08/2011 16:10ITF soldiers, Don’t hold your breath : )

20 ) abu Jihad / Gaza18/08/2011 16:21barak you coward , strike gaza again, for us there is nothing to lose.


21 ) Palestinian fighter / Palestine18/08/2011 16:27the dead are of the most elite Israeli Special units, WOW . Our Congratulations to the Defense Minister Ehud Barak Lt. Gen. Beni Gantz Beni Gantz. . promise you more to come


22 ) Omar / USA18/08/2011 16:35this is the only language that the Zionists understand. The Criminal State of Israel is responsible for the death and displacement of Millions of innocent people. Why is this a shock? Why are Jews who fought the Nazi’s heroes and the Palestinians who fight for freedom not?

There can never be peace with these zionists….. NEVER.


23 ) michael handala / earth18/08/2011 16:46it came from gaza according to barak? That is a lie, it is conjecture,it is wishful thinking so that they can go back in and start doing the nazi slaughter of civilians again….Just the perfect false flag they were looking for to stop the birth of Palestine, and the coming of the 81 congressmen…Bad timing…for Palestine….

This is why peace is so far away.

6:30PM: As opposed to the cowardly terrorists, here is a real hero.

[caption id="attachment_30018" align="alignright" width="131" caption="Reuters"][/caption]

Benny Belevsky, the bus driver on the 392 Egged bus that was attacked by terrorists on Thursday en route from Beersheba to Eilat, was able to prevent a tragedy from turning into a catastrophe by taking swift action in real time.

Witnesses say the 60-year-old driver continued to drive through the hail of gunfire, doing his best to escape the terrorists. Passengers on the bus also reported a few soldiers on board fired back at the terrorists as the bus sped away.

Just before Netafim junction I heard gunfire,” the driver told Ynet. “The bullets hit the bus and two of them shattered the window near me, passed just above my head and hit the ceiling. I am experienced enough to know that I should keep driving and that I mustn’t stop so that the damage doesn’t get worse.”

Belevsky added that the passengers panicked, and that some of them were hurt, but he knew he had to get to the IDF checkpoint at Netafim. “It was scary – you never think something like this will happen to you. But I did what I had to do,” he said.

The packed bus was filled with passengers, mostly on their way to a pleasant summer vacation. “The driver accelerated and was able to prevent a much more serious outcome,” one said

6:26PM: More details have emerged from the attack:

    The 3 terrorists who fired at the bus were dressed in IDF uniforms
    The cell that committed the attack was comprised of 10-20 terrorists
    They made use of rifles and missiles
    There was a fouth attack, which took place at 1:30 pm, whereby terrorists fired at another bus and a private vehicle, killing those inside

4:47PM: Channel 2 has reported that the bodies of the terrorists were rigged with explosives.

4:45PM: 2 children are reportedly among the dead, but that’s ok to Hamas and the other terror organizations, since they are considered legitimate targets.

4:42PM: According to an Israeli official, the terrorists went from Gaza into Sinai and then infiltrated Israel.

4:35PM: Run, cowards, run.

But before scurrying off in to hiding, a Hamashole said the group was not behind the attacks, but praised them anyway.

4:25PM: Reports of the death toll rising to 7.

4:22PM: Egypt has denied any involvement in the attack, with an Egyptian security official saying:

“Egypt was in no way involved in the incident, since it is difficult to penetrate the Egypt-Israel border.

Is he for real?!

4:20PM: In the wake of the terror attack, Magen David Adom is setting up stations to collect needed blood. Donations tomorrow (Friday) Jerusalem: Tachanat Mercazit and at the Mashbir 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
Modiin: Yishpero Center (next to Aeroflex & Mega Bul) 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Bring your Teudat zehut.

You can also call 1 800 400 101 for donating blood.

3:35PM: Still awaiting world condemnation of attacks, coupled with calls for Israel to show restraint and stop building houses.

3:32PM: Sky News report:

3:22PM: IDF Spokesperson announcement on the attack:

Combined Terrorist Attacks in Southern Israel

Combined terrorist attacks are currently taking place on Israeli territory, near the Israel- Egypt border, approximately 20 kilometers north of the city of Eilat.

Nine people were injured when terrorist opened fire at an Israeli bus approximately two hours ago. The injured were evacuated to receive medical care at a nearby hospital.

Several people were injured as a result of an explosive device, detonated on an IDF force that arrived at the scene and drove over it.

Crossfire between IDF forces, led by the Commander of the 80th Division, Brigadier General Tamir Yadi and the cell of terrorists is currently underway. Additional IDF and rescue forces are arriving at the scene.

IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant – General Benny Gantz arrived at the Division a short while ago and is currently holding an initial situation assessment.

The IDF calls on the public to avoid the area and allow security and rescue forces to carry out their tasks.

3:20PM: AP report on the attack:

3:15PM: It’s been confirmed: 5 dead.

2:15PM: Hamas reports:

Occupied Om Ar-Rashrash- Two Israeli military buses carrying soldiers were ambushed by a group of unknown militant members in the occupied territories city of Eillat( Om Ar-rashrash) southern of the occupied Palestine, Thursday August18th, 2011.

Israeli sources reported in an initial details that six Israeli soldiers were killed, while 25 others have suffered moderate to mild injuries in the attack, which took place about 30km(18 miles) north of Om Ar-Rashrash.

To the terrorists, we are all “soldiers” and all of Israel is “occupied land.”

2:04PM: Several people have been reported dead, in addition to the 15 wounded. May G-d avenge their blood.

2:00PM: I have heard reports the terrorists have been killed.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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