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WATCH: Swedish Far Right? So Far, Right (Updated)

Does Kent Ekeroth represent a “far right” party or is he just so far, right #SoFarRight

AP Whitewashes, Obama Approves As Europe Returns To 1930’s

Jews are targeted, the media covers it up, and the Obama administration enables it

WATCH: Yair Lapid Schools CNN

I did not vote for the man but Yair Lapid is fast becoming one of our best spokespeople

WATCH: Israeli Soldier Testifies to EU Human Rights Committee

An IDF soldier takes on the lies of Breaking the Silence in front of the EU Human Rights Committee

Why EU Court Ruled Hamas Should Be Removed From EU Terror List

Here are some possible real reasons for the decision

Danish Ambassador To Israel: “You Are One Of Us”

Such an assertion could only be made by a person who has suffered a total break with any semblance of reality.

Reader Post: Why EU Is Worthless And Why US Should Be Concerned

Has anyone ever believed an Arab country in regards to recognition of Israel?

Netanyahu Makes Ashton Look Stupid Or Evil

While Israel was keeping its citizens safe, perfidious representative of the EU, Catherine Ashton, was grinning and smiling and licking the arses of the “reformed” Iranians

Truly Unique. UNIQUE?????

The prisoner release is hard to stomach and a description of Israel as "truly unique" for being the only country to release convicted terrorists didn't help matters much at all.

Your EU Taxes Paying For This

An utterly irrelevant group of anti-Israel lunatics writes a worthless report and sends it out to the crazy media here who discuss and analyse it.

The Dutch Government Would Rather Palestinians Drink Their Excrement

Dutch company trying to help the environment and the Palestinians is blocked by moronic regulations.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Helps Deal Blow To Hizbullah

Zionist Austrian of DeathTM

A Year Later, Same Old Story From Sky News Arabia

On anti-Semitic EU "hero" Ali Farzat.

EU Says FU To Press TV

The EU has knocked Iran's Press TV off the air


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